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Our Cedar Point 2022 prediction….

2022.01.20 13:35 Roadsidetraildetail Our Cedar Point 2022 prediction….

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2022.01.20 13:35 Ilovescrambledeggs Listen man 😎, all those innocent children I just trampled 😤, it’s their fault actually 😂, haha fuck dem kids am I right guys 🤣, hehe you can’t be racist if theirs one race 🤪🤪

Listen man 😎, all those innocent children I just trampled 😤, it’s their fault actually 😂, haha fuck dem kids am I right guys 🤣, hehe you can’t be racist if theirs one race 🤪🤪 submitted by Ilovescrambledeggs to AttackOnRetards [link] [comments]

2022.01.20 13:35 Frequent_Rough7719 How do I make comments brighter in onedark.vim?

The default color from the color scheme is too dark for my taste. I would like to make it brighter but I don't know how should I select cterm and cterm16. For example if I choose to make the comments cyan #56b6c2 how do I find out what are the corresponding cterm and cterm16 colors?

 syntax on let g:onedark_termcolors=16 let g:onedark_terminal_italics=1 let g:onedark_color_overrides = { \ "comment_grey": { "gui": "#C678DF", "cterm": "170", "cterm16": "5" } \} colorscheme onedark 
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2022.01.20 13:35 MindsoupLabs How do I make an airtight, positive pressure container for liquids (drinks, specifically) for a home project?

I hope I selected the right flair. I'm a software engineer by trade but as a corona hobby have started delving into hardware engineering, [building a cocktail making machine](https://i.imgur.com/aYmGcDZ.jpg) based on the Arduino platform (project includes Alexa and Google Home integration). Almost everything is done but I've hit a snag that despite several different attempts I cannot solve, and I'm clearly hitting the limits of my engineering knowledge.
The theory
In order to dispense liquids (spirits like vodka and gin, as well as mixers like orange juice and tonic) I figured I would use airtight containers, with an air inlet and liquid outlet. The air inlet would be at the top, never touching the liquid and connected to a 12v airpump, allowing me to pump air into the container, raising the pressure inside. The liquid outlet would be a second tube extending into container to its bottom, with the air pressure in the container forcing the liquid into the outlet tube and into the cup waiting at the machine's dispensing point. [Here is a drawing I found illustrating the concept](https://omsi.edu/exhibitions/ww/background/science/basics/pressurebottle.gif), except in my device the Arduino is in charge of starting/stopping the airpump as well as opening electrically switched values on the outlet tubes.
I had prototyped this using some plastic bottles, tubing and a shitload of hot glue and it did seem to work even if it looked like crap (which was ok for a prototype).
The reality
However, this turned out to be far more challenging to get right than I thought, as I cannot seem to find or make containers for this liquid that can remain airtight while under positive pressure. I had initally tried [weckpots](https://www.kitchenandmore.nl//Files/2/29000/29447/ProductPhotos/Source/426247416.png) but they leaked air when under positive pressure. I've tried jars with screw on lids (as shown on the photo of the device I linked above), which also leaked air under positive pressure.
I can't use a direct liquid pump because (as I understand it) they're not food safe with the liquid moving through the pump mechanism. I tried peristaltic pumps but they were horrendously expensive (this is just a hobby project after all), slow and do not provide a steady stream but rather spurts which causes a lot of splatter. While other dispensing methods (gravity fed, etc) might be an option, they would constitute a huge redesign of the machine.
What I'm trying to achieve
What I'm looking for are containers that:

My questions
So based on all that I come to you with my questions:
  1. Is it possible to find something that meets my requirements? Did I massively underestimate how difficult it is to make something like this?
  2. Do you have any tips for containers, or suggestions on how I could make containers that meet my requirements?
All advice is welcome, everything else on this machine is done but moving the liquid containers from the bottles + hot glue prototypes to something presentable has proven far more difficult than I expected.
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2022.01.20 13:35 jookco Morreu - Morte : Morreu aos 37 anos o ator Gaspard Ulliel, que participou na série da Marvel “Moon Knight” Click link to read full story.

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2022.01.20 13:35 BriaFaustian Feeling like Spencer Hastings

I'm taking an econ course as an elective and we are LITERALLY studying Adam Smith. My first thought was "SPENCER!?"
I think this was mainly a book plot and it was only kind of hinted at in the show, but I had to share. Iykyk
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2022.01.20 13:35 Atimaxxx I work long days and I just wanna feel like a super hero, Mods that work that help me swing through multiple people with a single swing or give me some sort of life steal/regen in combat?

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2022.01.20 13:35 bnoches1561 The proper use of affected or effected

I sent an email today at work and my boss says I used affected wrong. Said it should have been effected. I was talking about COVID disinfecting and said ‘continue to work with your administration for identifying affected areas’ (classrooms). Who is right???
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2022.01.20 13:35 Immediate-Butterfly9 A man with fine taste

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2022.01.20 13:35 TexMeta Zen masters

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2022.01.20 13:35 freedom-enthusiast Every single icon in the menu at the top bar is a row of questionmarks, i installed vim few seconds ago and now i am unable to know how to use it, nobody in the internet seemed to have the same issue as i do, can yall help?

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2022.01.20 13:35 MolotovCockteaze I am going to share this because it has been a question recently on being how to respond when someone calls you out for being goth

This person was insulting people and calling them Trolls. I replied to their comment which had nothing to do with anything goth.
They decided to try and insult me for being goth 😑 It was such a ridiculous comment. I Didn't even know how I should reply. I replied anyway.
Honestly their tolling was so stupid it made me laugh, bit if I were a younger goth I might have been actually offended. I shared this with a friend because recently talking about situations like this, but I figured I would share it on here because it seemed relevant to recent posts.
Here are the screen shots
Maybe I shouldn't have said anything but I don't even state I am goth on my personal Instagram, I also don't state my age. The only thing on it was 1 picture where a friend and I found a sticker outside a gay bar that said Texas Goth and we had to take a picture by it.
Here is a link to the comments on Instagram. https://www.instagram.com/p/CTeuTtijB_B/
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2022.01.20 13:35 StateOfEudaimonia How do I speak to an actual customer support professional?

My package seems to be lost. When I call the support line I cannot get past the machine and it eventually hangs up on me. Website won’t let me file a claim either. UPS says my package has been given to USPS so it isn’t their problem. USPS says they never received a package. What can I do to speak to an actual representative?
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2022.01.20 13:35 Nina_Innsted Michigan Doe - Matilda - has her name once again! found November 6th, 1994 - victim of possible serial killer?

Link to story
After consultation with Medical Examiner Dr. Stephen Cohle, who performed the original autopsy, “Matilda” has been positively identified as Shelly Rae Kephart AKA Shelly Rae Christian.
The Ottawa County Sheriff’s Office remains hopeful that the positive identification of Shelly will provide closure for family, and investigative direction for Cold Case Detectives.
Anyone with any information about this investigation or who knew Shelly Rae Kephart AKA Shelly Rae Christian is asked to contact the Ottawa County Sheriff’s Office or Silent Observer at 1-877-88SILENT (745368) or mosotips.com Some photos of Shelly are attached to this e-mail. Shelly was known to wear unique glasses as can be seen in one of the photographs. She may or may not have worn them near the time of her death. Shelly was last believed to be in the Grand Rapids, MI area as of February of 1994.

If memory serves, there was a slew of murders in the Grand Rapids area in the mid 1990's targeting working girls and homeless/vulnerable women. I wonder if she could be one of that killekillers victims.
this is taken from a post at another site (websleuths) - Not the ideal source for information BUT it's the only place I can find a comprehensive list of the victims of this alleged serial killer

  1. Lesa Otberg, 25 - March 1994
    1. Discovered in wooded area near Muskegon about 3 months after last seen.
  2. 'Matilda' Jane Doe, 34-45 - November 6 1994
    1. Skeleton found in a thicket near Marne.
    2. MI - MI - Coopersville, "Matilda", Wht/Hisp/NativFem 35-45, UP9900, blue high-heels, knee surgery, Nov'94
  3. Pamela Lynn Verile, 33 - June 1 1995
    1. Found beaten to death in a thicket near Walker.
  4. Gale Annette Cook, 37 - October 4 1995
    1. She had escaped from a prison work-release program sometime a few months previously
    2. Found strangled in a creek at end of a dirt road NE of GR
  5. Dawn Marie Shaver, 26 - August 9 1995
    1. Found 'In Grand Rapids'
    2. No C.O.D. determined
  6. Michelle Ann Becker, 36 - ????
    1. Unknown where found
  7. Sonyia Marie Campos, 27 - September 21 1996
    1. Found somewhere in Walker.
    2. No C.O.D. determined
  8. Dawn Sharlene Phillips, ?? - October 1 1996
    1. No C.O.D. determined
  9. Sharon Kay Hammack, 30 - October 3 1996
    1. Found in ditch in Caledonia Twp wearing only a necklace and bra - wrapped in a blanket.
    2. By now LE formed a 14 member task force on the killings, but were reticent to call it work of a serial killer.
  10. Cheryl Lynn Mason, 39 - October 13(?) 1996
    1. Reported missing on Oct 22. Found shortly after in a field behind a south Grand Rapids factory.
  11. Victoria Moore, 29 - October 27 1996
    1. Went missing in September shortly after testifying in an unrelated murder trial.
    2. A squirrel hunter found her remains near a rural road 20 miles north of GR
    3. Rose Haven Ministries, a nonprofit dedicated to helping prostitutes leave that life stated that of the 11 women killed, 5 of them had been in contact with Rose Haven in some capacity. Director Brenda Dalecke said it had to be the work of one person.
This is the end of the official victims. It is important to note all of these women were white.
LA Times story on the murders
Delayed Justice

Hopefully identifying Shelly Rae will lead investigators close to the killer.
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2022.01.20 13:35 Steve-trang If you can't make a profit, become one- Gary Keller

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2022.01.20 13:35 TheAncool Provence Redemption 3 Snipers H8-3 | Arknights

Provence Redemption 3 Snipers H8-3 | Arknights submitted by TheAncool to arknights [link] [comments]

2022.01.20 13:35 My_Curiozity Gopro 10 vs Insta360 ONE R?

Hey guys, I owned Gopro9 and sold it as I wanted to buy GP10 but I started thinking if I should try 360 camera. I loved stabilization, image quality and many photo/video modes and 4k120p (GP10), but I HATE gopro app as it is really bad and I am also not much into editing videos on PC.
I really like the new "field of view" that 360 cameras offer and that I can first record and then choose which view from video I want (also if I want vertical or horizontal video), but I am really concerned about image quality as videos from 360cams looks like crap when cropped (compared to 4K cams).
Therefore I am thinking about buying ONE R twin edition (I like that I can exchange 360 and 4K lenses, but maybe it is too old HW? also I need many parts to mount it ro go underwater) or ONE X2 (but concerned about scratching lenses), or maybe something else (GP MAX? - kinda old model)...?
I used my camera most when skiing (but I had problems with fitting skis and view into the frame), running, hiking and travelling.
Can somebody compare which is better to have as only camera? Having both is too much money invested for me as it is only hobby. Thanks for your help!
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2022.01.20 13:35 apexsubthrowaway7 Dispelling rumors about aim assist, mouse and keyboard, console and PC.

There was a troll thread that blew up yesterday demanding "respect for controller users". In that thread there was a ton of ignorance, lies, misinformation, hateful rhetoric, etc. I think it's important that those things get addressed in a more nuanced and factual way, let's post some information to inform people!
Key takeaways that many people here seemed to not know:

  1. All PC lobbies are full crossplay. PC players do not have the option to turn off crossplay with console players.
  2. Console players have .6 aim assist in PC lobbies, PC controller players have .4 aim assist, and MNK players have zero aim assist.
  3. Aim assist values can be adjusted if you find it to be a hinderance: Console players can play on .6, .4, or zero. PC Controller players can play on .4 or zero. This can be adjusted in ALC settings.
  4. Console players will only play against PC players if they party up with a PC player. If you queue with other console players or by yourself, you will only play against other console players.
  5. Aim assist includes both crosshair slow down (a "sticky" effect that helps you not overshoot targets) AND rotational assist (auto tracking targets). Rotational aim assist is disabled if you ADS with a sniper scope.
Got a question? Need clarification? Do you see other common misconceptions or misunderstandings you want to clarify? Let's hear them!
Please try to avoid shit flinging, trolling, inflammatory comments, streamers bad, "if aim assist does all that then why am I bad", etc. Be objective, don't be terrible to other people or they will never understand where you are coming from!
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2022.01.20 13:35 Elimaron Grab your crew, click the link and come hang out with us in the official Electronic Arts Community Discord channel! --> https://t.co/VueBk7Lu8D #WeAreEA https://t.co/nhzojWdzPv

Grab your crew, click the link and come hang out with us in the official Electronic Arts Community Discord channel! --> https://t.co/VueBk7Lu8D #WeAreEA https://t.co/nhzojWdzPv submitted by Elimaron to Valinade [link] [comments]

2022.01.20 13:35 kattenjamsom Meow_irl

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2022.01.20 13:35 ninja_turtle_46 [Seiko] 1997 Seiko 5 (7S26-3130)

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2022.01.20 13:35 wallcarpet40 Germany gameplay on Linux

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2022.01.20 13:35 ReebokBeebok Change in mood!

The habits I'm building right now - fuelling myself right, exercising daily, accepting who I am - have made such a change in my happiness. I haven't lost weight yet (which doesn't bother me), but I just feel so much better about life in general.
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2022.01.20 13:35 eyebagsmcgee Does it usually take this long to get CRSB money?

I applied late December and still haven’t gotten my money. I called two weeks or so ago and they said the funds are on their way but i haven’t gotten anything. It said 7-10 business days but no money. Maybe they’re really busy? Does it usually take this long?
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