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What Nate says he wants vs. what he wants.

2022.01.20 15:04 snooopy99 What Nate says he wants vs. what he wants.

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2022.01.20 15:04 RedorBluePill22 So FUN! Had dinner with our former Bishop and RS Pres - he’s completely out and she’s on her way. Felt super validating and changed our relationship in a genuine and positive way.

It’s been a number of years since we moved away and we don’t see them often but it was great to catch up and find out their feelings about the church are very similar to ours. We were good friends before (not just obligatory associations due to callings and church activities), but wow did it feel it jumped to another level. We talked about our kids and their challenges navigating post Mormon realities as we navigate our own faith journeys.
One VERY interesting point he said during our time together was the beginning of his concerns and shelf breaking was when he was bishop. I’ve never been a bishop but I can only imagine how it must be to look back on so many experiences you wish you could go back and handle differently. He gave a few examples but was astonished how members willingly surrendered their power to some “random dude just trying to provide for his family”.
I know it shouldn’t matter what others do and think, and their faith journey is different than ours - but it felt very validating. With the vast majority of friends and family still TBM’s, we often feel very alone. At least for a night we had some great people right there with us. So glad we are where we are now and the growth we’ve experienced so far. Just wanted to share as these types of experiences for us have been minimal.
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2022.01.20 15:04 JimmyhProd Music new!!

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POLKACITY NEW GAME DEMO OUT! GTA IN THE METAVERSE!? 100x IS POSSIBLE! WATCH NOW submitted by kbr2214 to ico [link] [comments]

2022.01.20 15:04 RichyKarpii How it works?

If I've played [[Overwhelming Splendor]] and after that, I cast [[Nihiloor]], can I tap a creature with power of 1 to gain control of any creature that cursed player owns? The stolen creature recovers its abilities, original power and toughness or remains as a 1/1 creature?
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2022.01.20 15:04 Lylaskywalker I think.. mmh maybe.. i have a problem 🥲🤣

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2022.01.20 15:04 AntiqueReality7027 The most profitable Crypto Mining Equipment on the market! Huge discounts!

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2022.01.20 15:04 LordAqua333 Y5S4 Viking Armor Variations

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2022.01.20 15:04 Efficient_Two_5888 Lanzamiento oficial ShapeShift V2

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2022.01.20 15:04 Wretched_Pigeon so i posted day one elsewhere...

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2022.01.20 15:04 jeromeof Cheap up firing 'Dolby Atmos' speakers

Quick question - I was wondering if it would work to mount 2 upfiring Dolby Atmos speakers behind my TV - firing the sound up towards the ceiling? Would this give me enough of an effect? Basically for the amount of total 360 content I will probably watch and listen too in the next few years it probably too expensive for me to get ceiling speakers (especially ones that are hidden enough to be 'Spouse acceptable') - so as a cheap option I was wondering if its feasible to mount 2 small rear speakers behind a wall mounted TV firing up towards the ceiling (so the sound definitely comes from above the screen)?
I no its not ideal but I imagine I could do this for a fraction of the cost (and in a way that my spouse would probably not really notice)? So opinions?
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2022.01.20 15:04 lily-emmy-pikachu Relationship goals

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2022.01.20 15:04 Relative_Biscotti_56 HELP!!! Check comments please

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2022.01.20 15:04 acnh_player17 Treasure islands

Does anyone know any good treasure islands that are free?
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2022.01.20 15:04 Bonus1Fact Tucker Carlson: ‘Civilization Collapsing In Real Time’ Thanks To Democrat Policies ¦ Gab Trending

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2022.01.20 15:04 user331313 my roommates behavior

the backstory: me (20) and my roommate (20) share an apartment at our college and it is our sophomore year for both of us. at the beginning of the year i told her straight up that i am a ‘clean freak’ kind of as a joke, even though i try to keep my areas as clean as possible. she told me she was clean as well, but not to my level. we move in, and immediately i begin to see she tends to leave her dishes in the sink for long periods. we really didn’t talk, and i could tell we’d not be friends since our interests and behaviors were very different. we were more cohabitants, and just texted to communicate. but she told me she was going through a breakup, so i gave her the benefit of the doubt and cleaned her dishes for her since things not being clean is anxiety inducing for me. she would also not empty her trashcans, and would fill the main trash up until it was almost overflowing and wouldn’t bag it up. the only job i asked her to do around the apartment was to take the trash from beside the door into the dumpster that was near our apartment. for context, we live on a second floor two bedroom college dorm apartment, so steps were not an issue. over the semester i did 90% of her dishes, first because of her situation, and then because she would leave them for so long i was scared they’d get moldy. she and her boyfriend got back together, and he would be at the apartment 24/7. he was overnight for most of not all of the week. nearing finals i got tired of hearing them constantly and i asked her to not have him spend the night over the whole week because i would get woken up by them. she said okay, but she didn’t change anything about it. he was still over all of the time. the semester ended, and we both went home. before she left, i sent her a blunt message about taking her trash out before she left. she didn’t respond, but she did it.
before we both got back, i texted her and asked her to do a better job of cleaning up after herself (dishes and empty trash) and to please not have someone over 24/7. this was due to noise and covid, since omicron was/ is rampant. she didn’t respond for hours, and a day later i texted and asked if she received the message. she said she was “busy”. she texted a few hours later and said that it was “her apartment too” so she was still going to have people over, even if it was less. (i’m not sure where she got the implication i was asking her to not have people over). she said she “sincerely apologized” for not doing a better job last semester with cleaning, and she’d do it this semester. i said i wasn’t asking her to not to have people over, just for it to be less. she didn’t respond but i figured we were good. a few days pass and classes start. few days into classes and she’s been leaving dishes out again and not bagging (JUST bagging, not taking out) the trash when she has filled it all the way up. i text her so i could set a boundary early and said to please wash dishes within a day of leaving them in the sink and to bag the trash if you filled it up. she responded shortly after (30 min, quick for her) and said she didn’t appreciate being talked to like a child and being reminded to clean her stuff up when she was “having family issues”. after this, even if i didn’t see how “family issues” connected to basic chores, i apologized for making her ‘feel like a child’ since my texts come off very bluntly. i am a blunt person, and i remember telling her that last year. (quick note here, we text instead of speaking because last year she told me she didn’t like confrontation, so i text her so she’s more comfortable). anyways, i told her i get anxious when things aren’t clean, and said i hoped her situation got better. i even sent another text offering to help clean HER things if she’s in a bad place and all she has to do is text. she ignored both of my responses and to this day hasn’t texted me.
after a while i realized the “family issues” were a lie and she only came up with excuses like that when i called her out for not cleaning.
another day or so passes and i see she filled up the trash completely and left it again. since she said to basically not text her about cleaning again, i simply took off the lid to the trash and left it so she’d see it was full, and just bag it and put a new bag in. two times she put the lid back on and left it, and so the third time i took off the lid and put the trash bags on the counter. another day passes without it moving, and then one night she took the bag out of the trash, and took the rest of the trashbags with her, leaving the kitchen trash empty with no bag.
she didn’t even tie up the trash bag correctly and left it at the door. (ps, that bag is still there)
again, i’m not sure why she is so against cleaning up after herself and i was a little amused with the effort she was putting into “showing me off” when that effort could’ve been used cleaning.
when i saw the trashbags gone and the trash empty, i simply took the trashcan back to my room and kept it there. it was my trashcan, and “her bags”, even though for common items we swap back and forth on who gets them, so the time before this i had bought the bags. she hasn’t said (texted, since we don’t speak) anything since.
yesterday i simply texted her “where are the trashbags” and she hasn’t said anything.
at this point her dishes are piling up and i’m worried we’re going to get mold, but i just move her dishes out of the sink to her side of the counter so i can do my own dishes. so far they’ve been there a few days and i’m resisting every urge in me to clean them. i put out a small trashcan (>4gal) in the kitchen with my own bags so i can have somewhere to throw kitchen things out. (i don’t have big bags yet).
at this point im debating whether to go to the RA about this situation. i feel i have done everything i can and im not sure what to do now. she still brings overnight guests but since this incident she’s been at the apartment less.
not to mention: we aren’t even allowed to have people overnight due to covid. i don’t bring guests over since my home is my time to rest, so her doing it constantly is draining.
i feel i have been gracious with her given everything and she has just been as mean as possible for no reason. i don’t understand her actions or what reasoning she tells herself that makes it okay for her to do what she does. i allowed constant people over during finals week and her to not do her dishes or bag the trash ever and yet as soon as i ask her to literally clean up her own things, i’m shut down.
at this point i’m tired of this situation and again am debating whether to tell her off, go to the RA, or just leave it and have her dirty area stay dirty.
i need some advice on what to do next :/
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2022.01.20 15:04 MorningStarGG Rogue Company - We're like an Asylum, get COMMITTED! - Community & Streamer Support | HOT SAUCE SHOTS - NASTY JELLYBEANS - MorningStarGG is now LIVE!

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2022.01.20 15:04 Ok_Schedule4795 So Satisfying !!

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2022.01.20 15:04 former-degenerate Inspired by the story of the elephant and rope, I deleted 16+ TB of porn and quitting for good. Finally unshackling myself from this poison.

Yep. The last ~300 GB is games.
What do I do with all these HDDs? I was thinking I'll keep them for photographing and documenting my new life porn free.
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2022.01.20 15:04 johnsfilmshow In den Bollerwagen kaggern

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2022.01.20 15:04 CNE_Erika Crusaders Community Q&A #271 with host Erika

Hail and well met!
Before we begin: I hope you're all staying safe and being kind.
For those of you who are joining us for the first time, I'm Erika, the Live Services Manager for Crusaders of the Lost Idols, and I will do my best to answer your Crusaders questions. This Q&A is so you know where to find one of the team to chat Crusaders weekly.
I will be answering questions live for the first hour and then checking back throughout the week.
The previous Q&A: Number 270!
Community Activity! No new colouring sheet yet, but we're working on it.

Please put in a support ticket if you've found a bug with the game. You can submit a ticket using the "Contact Support" button from the Guidebook/Support menu in the game. It will open a new window or a new tab in your browser and you do need to have cookies enabled.
Have a treat! AZAN-GLUE-EDDO-KILO awards 1 Runic chest. Expires Thursday, January 27th, 2022 at 9:59 AM Pacific Time (UTC-8.)
Next Q&A: The next Crusaders Q&A will be on Thursday, January 27th, 2022 at 10:00 AM Pacific Time (UTC-8.)
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2022.01.20 15:04 Indian2305 Tamil Nadu: Girl ends life after school pressurised her to convert to Christianity

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2022.01.20 15:04 MajikeDS Only one unlock for Elusive Target Arcade?

While I AM excited for Elusive Target, I feel a bit disappointed that there's currently only ONE unlock for doing ONE of the THREE mission sets available; even more so due to how hard the arcade's new complications are; and even more so due to the fact that it's a reskin of a pre-existing weapon (and a one that rarely gets used), rather than something hilariously silly (like the Clown Suit, Santa 47, or the fish), something cool (like the classic suits, mirrorball suit, goldballer), or both (the Striker).
I really hope that IOI seriously increase the amount of unlocks in the next patch and add some stuff that's... y'know, new and cool and/or silly, so it might get some actual use, and that it'll feel like an actual reward for doing probably the hardest set of challenges in the whole trilogy.
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2022.01.20 15:04 xeenexus The TEAM Era: Vancouver Development History Part IV 1973 - Present

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2022.01.20 15:04 kayhkay92 Cayo B2B? Panther, 2 Golds, Paintwork & Cash (Hard Mode) Looking for similar. Dm for PSN

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