We had the desert wedding of our dreams.

2022.01.20 13:39 84aomame We had the desert wedding of our dreams.

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2022.01.20 13:39 DarioParty64 Tomorrow Night! Comedy on the Rocs: Stand Up at Salena's featuring some the area’s best comedians

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2022.01.20 13:39 LoLx1 Jean alternate outfit gameplay via abc64

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2022.01.20 13:39 a_random_weeb_0718 At the seaside

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2022.01.20 13:39 bisondeleMIA GG poker/other sites with mobile?

What are our thoughts on this website?
The rake is terrible and it seems like at 1-2 the same 6-8 guys win every single hand they play for the two weeks I’ve been on here.
I’m skeptical.
Is there anything else out there with a high traffic other than stars and GG that’s worth checking out?
Tired of casinos in my province being closed for the last 2 years essentially.
Curious everyone’s thoughts on best options for mobile play
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2022.01.20 13:39 Iuxta_aequor 1960 Italian book about India "An idea of India" (Un' idea dell' India). Sixth chapter.

I translated Alberto Moravia's book "Un' idea dell' India" (An idea of India).
Alberto Moravia went in India in 1960 and collected his impressions in this book.
Previous chapters :
First : https://www.reddit.com/india/comments/qcxkxu/1960_italian_book_about_india_an_idea_of_india_un/
Second: https://www.reddit.com/india/comments/qn3iza/1960_italian_book_about_india_an_idea_of_india_un/
Third: https://www.reddit.com/india/comments/qt2dythe_pyres_of_benares_third_chapter_of_1960s/

Trauma of polytheism
To the Western traveller with some sensibility, India means two traumas : The first trauma, is caused by the encounter with a sick and frantic poverty, of medieval kind, which had disappeared centuries ago in Europe ; the second, comes from the impact with the polytheistic religion with naturalistic background, that too vanished in Europe but in India, instead, is still flourishing.
Now, we would like to clarify that the religious trauma is, in part, unjustified. The Western tourist of 1961 is not the same as the tourist of 1861. In the last 50 years in Europe took place a cultural revolution, that allows us to put ourselves in direct communication with the Indian religion.
Thus, whilst it's comprehensible that Dubois the abbot, a French Christian missionary who went in India in the 18th Century, condemned some Indian religious symbols and cults without even trying to understand them, it's less understandable that the modern tourist from the US, where thousands of psychoanalysts work, gets shocked in the temple of Thanjavur, where those same impulses which the psychoanalysis deems to be at the origin of many of our actions, are symbolically expressed through countless naturalistic ex-votos.
He should acknowledge, instead, that 3'000 years ago in India took place, on the religious field, the same operation of cultural recovery that the psychoanalysis has carried out in our modern days, on the scientific field. But the thrauma is probably caused by something else as well : The nature, not transcended and humanized by Christianity, the immediate and naked nature with its looming problems of life and death, not examined rationally by science, but symbolized with terror by religion, this primitive nature is present in the Hindu temples as it probably was in the sacraries of the ancient Mediterranean religions, in an oppressive and threatening guise.
The European tourist used to the churches, entering these temples, feels as if he is stepping back of twenty centuries, in a world which was his own but that he had long forgotten. And, not realizing that, as we said, it is a world which has resurfaced again in the modern culture, he feels disconcert and repugnance.
Of all the southern temples, that of Madurai is probably the most formidable, and perhaps the most beautiful. As seen from the airplane at the arrival, with its walls enclosed one inside the other, it resembles a lidless Chinese box, but you immediately notice at the four corners of the immense enclosure, four conical shadows projected by what seem to be four great towers. They are the so-called “gopuram”, or entrance towers, raising on the four cardinal points of the precinct. Arriving at a gopuram of the Madurai's temple from one of the low and steep alleys of the city is like reaching a gothic cathedral through the alleys of a French town : It gives the same feeling of surprise rather than awe.
We look up and we see the gopuram raising towards the sky like a huge stair teeming with monkeys, as it often happens to spot them here in India, upon the trees. Still, fulvous monkeys, goldened by the sun irradiating the tower, but ready to jump away at every yell ,unfolding the structures they are sitting on. This image of the monkeys is perhaps not the best to describe the magnificent sculptures tightly covering the gopura, but it wants to suggest the main feature of Indian art : The hatred of void, the delirious proliferation of the ornaments, the tumultuous crowding of the figures, a feature that seems to be directly suggested by the tropical nature, that too flourishing and crowded.
We take off our shoes, reluctantly because we know we will have to walk over a not so clean floor. Even for such a simple task, a small crowd of attendants gather around us : The janitor who'll collect the tips after the visit; the leper lady, young and beautiful, reaching out her stump brimming with pus, for a handout; two or three kids wanting to be our tour guides; the actual tour guide,a patriarchal old man dignifiedly sitting aside ; a couple of sellers of souvenirs and postcards, with their stalls against the colossal bronze doors. After an handout of coins, we finally enter the inner precinct of the temple. A long, narrow place , resembling an aisle, runs between the outer and the inner walls, all sculpted with several ruminating cows.
And, suddenly, four begging little girls of the lowest caste starts running towards us, from the door of the inner precinct . Completely naked, as black as ebony, with huge curly hairs, tiny white teeth and big shining eyes, they really look like four small juvenile demons guarding a a circle of hell. And the comparison is still meaningful after crossing the second gate, since the Hindu temple is unlike the churches, closed and silent places, favourable to contemplating recollection, but it's a sort of sacred market, open to all the life's noises and convulsions, teeming with a really hellish noise and come and go.
Here they are, between the pillars fantastically sculpted with grotesque and threatening figures, the stalls of religious items' sellers, before which the people stop, loudly haggle and purchase as if they were at the bazar; in the meanwhile, pilgrims and vagabonds sleep on the floor, casually laying here and there, like corpses after a killing ; a group of Brahmin priests, with the distinctive string of their caste on their naked torso, gather the devotees through the strident noise of an orchestra of archaic wind instruments ; animals of all the kinds , stunned cows, so thin to move to pity ,scabby and maybe rabid dogs, mangy cats, goats for the sacrifices, donkeys with no saddle, doves and crows, aimlessly wander about the indifferent crowd.
The eye doesn't know where to stop, because where there is not the human multitude, there's the multitude,even thicker, of the sculptures that the walls, the ceilings and the columns are covered with. Between a pillar and another we see a vast basin full of creamy and green water, with stairs all around it,upon which are sitting naked and meditating figures; a bit over there, in a small courtyard, a gray elephant with a red caparison is feeding on a pile of straw.
A bell rings stridently; an holy man, naked and hirsute, kneeling before an altar, feverishly repeats his invocation; a couple of doves in love, coo over the hump of a cow lying down, indifferently. Yet, despite all this noise and clutter, or perhaps because of it, the phallic ,naturalistic symbols of the deity, closed in small dark cells, shining with votive oil and scattered with flower corollas, mantain intact their obscure magnetism. They allude to life and death in a way which, for being too literal and direct, may appear to the European unused to this language, slightly sinister.
However, the Indian temple doesn't always give the feeling of an indifferent, unfathomable nature. At Mamallapuram (Mahabalipuram) for example, you get the same feeling of pure exaltation also felt at the ruins of Olympia, or those of Cape Sounion in Greece. But we should specify that Mamallapuram is an abandoned place, from which religion withdrew leaving only the beauty left. Empty and clean shell, it doesn't contain anymore the ritual life which probably was as dense of meanings as that of Madurai's temple.
Mamallapuram is a marine locality, near Madras, where you arrive through a lush tropical countryside where the green floodings of the ricefields are alternated with small woods of coconut palms blazed by the sun and disheveled by the wind. The temple is on the beach, last survivor of a group of temples which the sea had swept away through the centuries. It has small proportions and it's divided in two parts: a bigger one with a dome shaped like a multi-storey piramid, and a smaller one with the same pyramidal-shaped dome.
A boundary wall circles the inner precinct of the temple, but the sea must have crossed the wall cause it's all crumbling and the cows sculpted over it appears to be liquefied and the precinct also is full of sand and stones. The whole temple seems eroded, consumed, melted and washed by the water, the wind, the salt, the sand. In a few centuries, it will be turned into a bunch of smooth and shapeless stones.
We take a look beyond the platform that's supposed to protect the temple from the sea : The white and furious long waves of the shallow waters, crashes against the rocks ; over there, the ocean is almost calm. Thus, the temple is dying, or as the religion to which it's dedicated suggests, it is returning into shapeless matter for who knows which future life.
In the smallest part of the temple, behind a vestibule which prevents the light from shining in, there's a dark cell that seems to be dug out of the live rock. At the faint light of an oil lamp, we see that the cell is occupied by a stone bed, upon which, is resting the statue of the god Shiva. The light of the lamp illuminates just a small part of the statue as it's moving around, so that by seeing now the great divine hand resting on the floor, now the head upon the pillow, with the lowered eyelids , now the legs laying down, we get a fragmentary idea, and perhaps because of this, even more mysterious, on the deep sleep in which the god is immersed into.
The contrast between this letargy in the darkness and the brimming light of the tropical sun on the evermoving sea, is so strong that it's impossible that it's casual, but the meaning is elusive, as often happens when you go from the obscure yet precise symbols of religion, to the deceiptive clarity of the poetry.
However, as the temple, even the god Shiva is dying and, in a few centuries, if he won't be resting on the velvet of a museum, he will be eaten away by the waves and turned into a rock, among the many on the beach of Mamallapuram.
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2022.01.20 13:39 onlyfans4saleplug Kaay6razy 🥵🔥full onlyfans mega folder with updated vids and pics 🤤DM if y’all want it‼️CHEAP😈🔥🔌 TELEGRAM: @Digazaboss1 Twitter: @onlyfans4sale3

Kaay6razy 🥵🔥full onlyfans mega folder with updated vids and pics 🤤DM if y’all want it‼️CHEAP😈🔥🔌 TELEGRAM: @Digazaboss1 Twitter: @onlyfans4sale3 submitted by onlyfans4saleplug to diamond_monroe [link] [comments]

2022.01.20 13:39 Captain_bred Femboy otter fursona?

I know it's a weird request but can one of you someone draw my friend a femboy otter fursona? Thank you tons~!
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2022.01.20 13:39 earth_worx Found these Bahamas stamps from 1985. I don’t particularly want to keep them but it feels wrong to throw them out. Suggestions?

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2022.01.20 13:39 moreathismoreathat She thinks you should come outside and throw the ball. It's not that cold.

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2022.01.20 13:39 kellmonstr Will olivia still be going out there when the nickocado interview was supposed to be? She still deserves a chance to meet love while he’s here.

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2022.01.20 13:39 BenjimirThursby The Book of Thursby [FC Lore and Legends]

The Book of Thursby [FC Lore and Legends] The Book of Thursby.


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2022.01.20 13:39 cantthrash Chances for Biology Major, State Schools.

Demographics: Mixed Arab-White Male.
School Type: First three years in a private high school, senior year done online while attending a foreign highschool during the day, not living in the states at the moment.
Intended Major: BS. Biology.
Test Scores: Was not able to take them for a variety of personal reasons.
GPA: Currently 3.1, however been making all A's some B's this current senior year.
Coursework: Just regular classes.
Awards: None.
Extracurriculars: Almost none of significance in the context of the common app, was a cook at a restaurant for a while and thats it.
Essay: My essay is decently strong, described the fact that im trilingual and how I have lived in many countries and experienced the world, would like to think it compensates for other places I am currently lacking.
Schools: Currently applying to a variety of SUNY schools and UMass Lowell and Boston, the UMass schools being my top choices over the SUNY system due to the difference in quality, etc.
I am aware that its not a strong app by any means and that I am essentially falling back on a lot of very unique aspects regarding my language abilities and life experiences, hoping that I could at the very least make it to these schools. Will be applying for financial aid if that makes any difference. Thanks for the help everybody.
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2022.01.20 13:39 sytherantics Link is beautiful (by @kukumomoart) [Legend of Zelda]

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2022.01.20 13:39 Mythical_Starzz Chill guy, for a fun lady! (M4F)

Hey ya'll happy Thursday, and good morning!!! I just wanted to drop a post. In hopes of finding a lovely lady, or couple (I'm bi) to maybe meet with and have some fun!! So, a bit about me. Well, I'm 20, 6"3.5, Average build. DDF. SANE and well endowed. I'm from Olympia. And willing to travel in my local area as well as a bit out of it. If. That's what's up! So, if you're interested hmu!! I'd love to make it a, FWB Situation. I'll gladly exchange pics, e.t.c
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2022.01.20 13:39 Sqooigbler_P927 Do you consider mathematics to be a science?

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2022.01.20 13:39 Aequitas123 What are some fun or profitable things I can do with an SRV these days?

Was mining for a long time and finally got my Python build I was looking for and felt like exploring some planets with an SRV for a bit. Any tips on what to do?
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2022.01.20 13:39 UwOWhatisthis Log 1: The sculpture

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