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Help him out...

2021.12.03 15:34 MrCoolH25 Help him out...

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2021.12.03 15:34 Tricky_Bonus_4804 Looking for manager

Hi Manager, I hopefully want to be chosen as one of your scholars!
• Name: Noel Labrador Mancia • Age: 26 • Gender: Male • Location: Calatrava, Negros Occidental • Civil Status: Married • Games Played: Mobile Legends Clash of Clans Call of Duty Crossfire
• Hours to dedicate in playing Axie: 1-6 hours • I may have no experience in playing Axie Infinity but I have watched orientations and read some data in order to have an idea about how this works. I am very well aware that Axie wanted to help people like us/me. As of now, I am asking for your help to let me be part of your team. To be one of your scholars. I can show off my skills and will develop it along the way. I need your trust because I want to reach my dreams with you. To be part of your team is an achievement! So please accept me!🙏 ♥️ Thank you and God bless!🙏♥️
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2021.12.03 15:34 LetLooseCreature Can you record your voice using a headset?

I’m dumb lol
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2021.12.03 15:34 bmccallum2001 20F looking for friends

Heyy! Im Becky 20F from UK. Im looking to meet some new people please be 18-25. Im looking to meet people who I can chat with on a regular basis. Rant with. Have funny/deep conversations. Just talk about anything! -
Interests: - Gaming (PlayStation/Switch) - Reading (YA/Crime books) - Tv/Movies (Favourite Genre, Horror) - Music (Fav Band, Smash into Pieces) - Disney/Marvel -Gym
About me: - I have a dog (red Irish setter) - Im lesbian (single) - 20 - Im a huge nerd for gaming (I play fortnite, COD, Rainbow 6, Minecraft, Pokemon, Animal Crossing & a lot more) - I love crime/paranormal stuff (especially True Crime) -I have a huge collection of funko pops (I have around 400) I’ve been collecting for over 2 years now -I have social anxiety so I’m more comfortable with texting
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2021.12.03 15:34 Xenophorm12 Guys, did you know that Kurzgesagt was fascist? I mean, they are Germans, fascism is built into their DNA (!)

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2021.12.03 15:34 BlueFire2308 After the latest nvidia driver v497.09 update, does anyone else is having frequent crashes in red dead redemption 2?

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2021.12.03 15:33 Vibranium2222 McCarthy: Boebert, Gosar, and Greene drama ‘causes problems’ for GOP in 2022

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2021.12.03 15:33 EntrenchedTurnip Florida Friend - Housemate won't meet income requirements.

I'm asking this for a friend. Their old housemate is moving out and they found a replacement to take over the lease. However, the new housemate and my friend each only make around $1300 a month on a $1200 apartment that wants a minimum of 3x the income or 5x for a guarantor.
The thing is, the old housemate made the same (1300) but they used their parent as a guarantor even though they paid all their own bills. These are all university students who live cheap and focus on school.
Are there any steps my friend can take? The large apartment complex has said they may need to see about tossing them out over it despite them being able to handle it and have around 7 years each of good rental history.
My friend is open to finding a different new housemate but finding someone who wants to live in a small apartment in a complex when they have better options for their income has been tough.
Also, is there any responsibility on the part of the original housemate who is now moving out? They are getting out of their lease early by finding this replacement who doesn't actually make enough income.
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2021.12.03 15:33 The_Wandering_West If Aaron Schwartz was able to see Reddit as it is today, do you think he'd be happy or disheartened? Why?

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2021.12.03 15:33 crisp-apple1 What are good books you’ve read that improved your life/gave you more knowledge?

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2021.12.03 15:33 sandalswithsocks__ Full coverage foundation recommendations needed

I'm looking for recommendations for a full coverage foundation for somewhat dry skin.
For every day, I usually wear Laura Mercier tinted moisturizer, but I need something full coverage for my wedding. I plan to try a few out myself, but it would be helpful to get some recommendations as a place to start. I'd like something with good coverage (but natural-looking, if that exists) that also photographs well. It doesn't need to be super economical, I'm willing to spend a bit more for a good product if needed.
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2021.12.03 15:33 EVE_Onion AFK Bot Miner Asks CCPlease Think About The Little Guy

As you know, I am a null bear Rorqual tycoon. I currently command a fleet of fifty excavator drone hives, which operate under an umbrella of pure autism. I live in a Spodstar, and the gates to my invincible domain are permanently bubbled by some newbros that I hired on Fiver.
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2021.12.03 15:33 MortySchmorty Guest freaked out on me today

Started off, like 4th day in Tech after switching to it from Overnight GM, And at 8:00 AM on the dot 2 guys came in asking about switches saying we had three of them. I had already told a girl in fulfillment we didn't have any out in the glass, and after checking the back having none there either. When they approached me I basically said "oh sorry, we don't have any stocked at the moment" and then this dude started getting super hostile, accusing our night team of buying it before hours, saying I was "bullshitting" him at the top of his lungs. Lo and behold the manchild and his buddy get their switches after asking all nicely to a TL because we had three exactly on the line that hadn't been located yet.
Really threw me for a nerve. I still enjoy the department and dayside because I think its fun work,but I guess that's just one of the Cons.
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2021.12.03 15:33 ComprehensiveReview0 Choice is yours

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2021.12.03 15:33 perplexing_pond Uhh which looks cooler?

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2021.12.03 15:33 SirePoulet Bxie Infinity airdrop! Don’t miss out on this Axie infinity fork on the Binance Smart Chain! Be sure to claim your Bxie NFT and 100 BXS tokens for free! Use the link in the comments to claim yours!

Bxie Infinity airdrop! Don’t miss out on this Axie infinity fork on the Binance Smart Chain! Be sure to claim your Bxie NFT and 100 BXS tokens for free! Use the link in the comments to claim yours!
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2021.12.03 15:33 hopedane how do i stop being petty?

(forgive me for any grammatical errors; if you don’t read it ~ it’s about a family that lies)
i’m 21 and trying to learn how to not be petty and let go of my anger and let go of the thought of how people are not fair. this is a rant about my family. before: (there is aunt A, B, C and uncle E) my sister and i wanted to go to a place X for a long long time, it’s in the same country and close to aunt A’s house. we made several plans but did not go through w it because some or the other person wasn’t free which is normal. last december aunt B goes to aunt A’s house for vacation and uncle E goes there, basically everyone is there. now they uncle Edecides we go to place X and we almost book our tickets to go to aunt A’s house, it’s a state apart. aunt B says they won’t be staying for too long so there is no reason for us (my sister and i) to go there. we say okay. this happens twice, they say we’ll go then cancel the plan. now we’re frustrated and at the end we decide that the family won’t be going to place X and get on w our lives. after two days i see uncle E’s story saying ‘en route place Y’ (Y is like the best vacation spot w lots of beaches and an amazing nightlife) and the minute we view that story he calls us and says ‘no no i only put up the story for people to see we’re all home’ we know they’re lying but say okay. we got no proof of them actually being there. now the next day uncle E video called us saying they just got home from blah blah place and everyone is in their rooms sleeping and at the same time i see two of my cousins’ snaps of place X and then others put up a story of place X. at this point we’re disappointed and furious ‘cause they made us cancel our tickets and they’re enjoying different activities and what not there. we were more disappointed at their audacity to lie to our faces while uploading pictures. now even if i see place X’s name im angry and almost feel like crying. incident 2: just after that aunt A was like come to our place for a few days we were like okay we just want to get away from home anyway. we tell this to aunt B & C and C was like there’s no point in coming now there is bus strikes all around the city how will y’all travel. and we thought but didn’t say out loud that we got our car and we’re not even gonna travel by bus so what’s the point of mentioning it if y’all don’t want us to go just say no don’t get our hope’s up and crushed every time. the point is im burnt out, i have just been home for 3 years now, my mother is a strict abusing b-word and won’t let us go anywhere even w our friends, hell she thinks we don’t have any friends, so if we go out our only chance is with the family and even for a few days we wanna get away from all this.
sigh* anyhow they don’t know that we know. but still makes me sad and angry smh.
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2021.12.03 15:33 Fit-Lock1305 Will Landon comeback as Pheonix or as Normal human from limbo?

So when Landon was stabbed by golden arrow, Landon's Pheonix side was gone and that's was writers basically saying that we don't have the budget for Landon's Pheonix wings and we won't be making him Pheonix again.
But, my question is, is Landon's Pheonix side really gone or not and is limbo the answer for his Pheonix side or will Landon comes back as a human .
What you guys think.
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2021.12.03 15:33 HiItsLust The embarrassment

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2021.12.03 15:33 Beanie-Greenie It’s Friday My Dudes

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2021.12.03 15:33 gebup (not my pic) Where the heck are you people finding giant ferrets like these?!

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2021.12.03 15:33 Peencil Getting back into anime looking for recommendations

I used to binge shows as a teen and I stopped watching anime for a while. This past year I've been getting back into it and I think I want to find some more great shows to enjoy. Some faves of mine are Madoka Magica, Death Parade, Made in Abyss, Jujustu Kaisen, Steins Gate, Kakegurui and Clannad. Just to give you an idea of what I like:)
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2021.12.03 15:33 cbvv1992 🔥40% Off Code – $24.59 Wireless Bluetooth PS4 Gamepad with 6-Axis Gyro Touch Panel, Remote Control Game Joystick with USB Cable

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2021.12.03 15:33 jason15444444 How can I stop this completely?

I started today Nofap Journey,I am turning 29 this month, Today I stared nofap journey, 4 december 2021, Before that I crossed 30 day
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2021.12.03 15:33 Ok_Title8513 And Stacy Keibler thinks that she has got legs

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