First time seeing this event! Strange rituals with balls?

Masked balls, with the Masque de la Mobile, began in 1704. The first known parade was in 1711, when Mobile's Boeuf Gras Society paraded on Mardi Gras, with 16 men pushing a cart carrying a large papier-mâché cow's head. By 1720, Biloxi became the second capital of Louisiana, and also celebrated French customs. Em Griffin - A First Look at Communication Theory, 8th Edition (2011) Imansipasi Channel. Download Download PDF. Full PDF Package Download Full PDF Package. This Paper. A short summary of this paper. 37 Full PDFs related to this paper. Read Paper. Woods posts video showing himself hitting golf balls. ... UFC finalizing Santos-Ankalaev bout to headline March 12 event. Edwards blasts Masvidal for pulling out of UFC 269 ... Marshall wins first ... Throughout time, religious ideology and belief in the supernatural have both helped and terrified human beings. As prehistoric cave paintings have demonstrated, the belief in forces beyond our control and comprehension predates agriculture, civilization, alphabets, and other aspects of human life, which came about when the hunter-gatherers first tamed the land and the animals. And Wade Boggs, former third baseman for the Boston Red Sox, woke up at the same time each day, ate chicken before each game, took exactly 117 ground balls in practice, took batting practice at 5 ... The International Debutante Ball is an invitation-only, formal debutante ball, to officially present well-connected young ladies of distinction from upper-class families to high society. Founded in 1954, it occurs every two years at the Waldorf Astoria Hotel in New York City.. Young women from all over the United States and from around the globe are brought together at the ball and the ... "The first major cultural stage that has been roughly dated by archaeologists falls in the period of 8000 to 1000 B.C. Indians of that time were still hunters, fishers, and gatherers of mussels, berries, roots, and nuts. Naandi Shraddham – The groom’s family arrives at the bride’s place or the venue of the wedding on the morning of the day before. The bride’s family welcomes them with tray full of favors like sweets, betel leaves, betel nuts and fruits. The groom is especially welcome with a shower of rose water.

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2021.12.03 15:50 Altruistic_Mention_5 In Defense Of Severus Snape

This was actually my first idea for a post on this sub, and that was months ago, and i kept putting off for some reason, but i'm glad i did, since my opinion on snape has changed alot. He used to be my favorite character, i still love the guy, but not as much as i used to frankly. Snape's a fun character to talk about sometimes, but most of the time people go too far and spoil the fun.
Before i actually talk about the guy, i wanna talk about how the fandom perceives snape. You can hate snape all you want, that's fine with me. But like the fandom doesn't hate snape, they want him dead lol. To those fans, he's an irredeemable monster who should've never been born basically, i just think its unfair. To really judge snape, you must keep an open mind, because he's not what you expect him to be, he's not the bad guy or the good guy, and just labeling him as one of the other, is just lacking the nuisance and entire point of him. He isn't a saint or simp nazi, he's so much more than that.
I also never understood why many snape haters think snape fans, love the film's portrayal of snape. Idk most snape fans i've spoke to don't like that portrayal. Snape in the films is much more subdued and toned down, which is not snape at all. He loses shit so many times in the book, he's like a ticking time bomb in the later ones. They also try to hide his more dirtier spots. For example, they mention lupin get's sacked, but they never mention who leaked his secret of him being a werewolf, just almost the complete opposite of who he actually is.
When people say they love snape, they don't love him because he was a bully/''nazi, and i'm so sick and tired of people calling other people out for loving him, like just mind your own business lmao. I've never met a snape fan who's like ''i hate everything he did for the wizarding world, but damn when he bullied neville, i love that'', like who actually thinks that. Like for me, the i see no difference line is good, not because he's bullying hermione, but because he's making fun of her for having big teeth, when his are yellow. He has a sarcastic, dry, and dark sense of humor, and has some of the funniest lines of the series, while i don't necessarily agree with wtf he says all the time, doesn't devalue the line itself.
Let's talk about the elephant in the room, his bullying. Honestly to call it abuse is pretty stretching, but fine. Let's start with neville, but first, the theory that he's only mean to him, because he knew he's the other chosen one, is dumb because snape never knew that, but i digress. I think he's just really impatient, and doesn't have time for dumb people. But mcgonnagoll was also hard on him, so idk. His most cruel act on neville, is when he tries to poison his toad, but if he was going to do it, why would he have an antidote at the ready? Because he's just trying to teach him a lesson, not because he wants to see his toad die. He calls him an idiot and berates him, because he wants him to succeed, do i think he should do it? Nope, not at all, that's not all a good way to talk to students.
Then he doesn't like hermione, which honestly i never understood. The most i could think of, he's just salty she keeps beating slytherins in tests, and makes his house look bad lol. There's no real way for to defend it, but people will call me biased for not including this, so. I still love the line insufferable know it all, and its cute to see ron stand up for her.
Now possibly his biggest stain, his treatment of harry. This ranges from him being unfair, to him being a monster. I'm sorry, but him having harry look through records of past crimes, FROM HIS DEAD FATHER FIGURES is something else, like that's really low even for snape, which was one of the reasons he bumped down my list of favorite characters. Snape really hated harry, in his actions he definitely cared for him, but never truly. I don't think he ever could even if he wanted to, james must have scarred for him life, which he did. Snape's kinda a man full of hatred, and could never let that go, maybe that's why i find so fascinating and interesting. But back to my point, he still saved harry multiple times, and helped way more than you'd think. Giving him the sword, telling the order about sirius being there, saving him from quirrel, giving the whole seven potters idea, and also many more. But that's the problem, he never did any of this for him, he did it all for lily. Now some see this as an obsession, i personally don't really buy it.
I just don't think he was even into lily romantically/sexually, they were very keen of being ''just friends''. Also, he's a highly skilled potioneer, if he's ''obsessed'' with her, then he could've brewed up a love potion stat. Yes snape had other friends in his hogwarts years, but lily was the only one that knew him personally, and cared for him. He was the only that mattered to him in his eyes, possibly his whole life. He never needed her, he just wanted her, wanted the memory of lily, he could never live with the fact that she died, he could never get over the guilt, knowing he caused it, and it was all fault. Even the mudblood incident, in his defense, lily did sorta smile, so idk, thats just why he did it in the first place, also he apologized later, so do with that what you will.
I completely forgot about his relationship with the marauders lol. Lemme just say this, being abused doesn't give you the right to abuse others, okay. But james and his gang was really cruel to snape for no reason. Like really? Four against one? Cmon man, at least give him a chance, that's just despicable, but so is snape, but not now he isn't. I totally get why would hate james all his life, but doesn't excuse the way he treats harry.
I think what people need to understand, snape was never redeemed because he loved lily. That's not the point. Snape's the kinda guy who lived years of misery, and payed the ultimate price, he died trying to do good. He joined the DE's, but he also died bringing it down, he called lily a mudblood, but he also told phineas nigellus for saying it, he despises james, yet he's saving his son. He did everything for lily, but it's not why he's good. I feel like he became a double agent, was because he felt guilty, knowing he ended her life, and wanted to honor her memory, that's what makes him a hero in many people's lives, that's why people like snape. He has flaws, and i'm not here to like try to mask it of hide it, because that would be no use to anyone, but to call him a villian is masking those good qualities, and calling him a hero is masking those flaws. Snape made some bad choices, really bad ones, yet he payed the price and the consequences, and made up for some of them, not the bullying tho.
I know this sub is just sick and tired of snape posts, and yeah i am too, but if i never handle a topic people talk about to death, i wanna at least put my own spin, there's always a snape bad/good post, but there's never both combined into one yk. At the end of the day, snape is a human, he's a flawed human, i feel like people just forget that, and act like he can do no wrong, or can do no right, that's why i have been holding off this post for so long, snape debates are tiring and are really boring, it's just the same nonsense over and over again, ''he loved lily blah blah'' or ''he bullied neville blah blah'', they just never go deeper, they always try to label snape, but it just completely ruins the total ambience and complexity of his character, people just like to cherry pick good/bad things he's done, and ignore the rest. The world isn't split into good people or death eaters, and snape is just a textbook example of that, he made mistakes, yet he still tried to make an effort to correct those mistakes, that's why people like him, thats why he got redeemed, that's why he's everyone's favorite potions master. Nobody likes him because his treatment of neville, or because he joined the DE's, we, not i love him, because he's a flawed human at the end of the day, he feel's real, and that's what matters most, wether you like him or not, he's an amazing character, and that's all that matters in the world.
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2021.12.03 15:50 adrenalineMF What is the most morally challenging situation that you have been put into?

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2021.12.03 15:50 thefunkysheep How are Becker and Fagen considered as musicians?

And with ‘musicians’ I mean technically, are they considered as musicians who have top talent on their instruments? Ofcourse they are great composers but as far as I know they hired a lot of session musicians to play a long with them on the albums (and live Ofcourse, duh) and from what I heard they could be very critical about which level of playing they desired from them (for example the guitar solo in ‘Peg’ which also is a taste thing). Would you consider Becker a top guitar player? Idem for Fagen on keys?
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2021.12.03 15:50 Stonewolf87 Rebels are saying “May the Force be with you”, during Rogue One and A New Hope, but the Dark Side has been decimating them for years at that point.

Must have been triggering for friends of the Rebels killed by Vader in the hallway.
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2021.12.03 15:50 Biggiemanlarge Gonna try 2cb for the first time by myself tonight anything I should know? Also what dosage should I take?

So I just recently bought some “24 mg griffin” pills and I was planning on taking half a pill later tonight and just watch some YouTube take a few dabs and relax does this sound fine? Or am I likely to freak out by myself? Also how is 12 mg for a first time dose?
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2021.12.03 15:50 MemeReserveBot Some times the stupidity shocks me. (by peacetomotherearth December 02, 2021 at 11:39PM)

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2021.12.03 15:50 Momwheresmybike Unpopular opinion.

This family family family shit feels exactly like being with my own family on thanksgiving or christmas, except here is much many more different people trying to scream as loud as they can so their opinion would be heard.

Just fucking settle down. H3 crew knows what they are doing. Obviously.
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2021.12.03 15:50 Admin_IT Camphor, the Doubt “For centuries, the demon Camphor stalked the lands of Targon, pulling from her victims the very strengths that defined them. From the mighty, she would take strength; from the wise, wisdom. 1/2

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2021.12.03 15:50 imperial_account_III Sämtisersee, Sämtis valley, and Rhodwald, as seen during the 'Geologischer Wanderweg Alpstein' hike.

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2021.12.03 15:50 tyfi13 CPU with no heatsink? (I7 7700k)

So I just found out my liquid cooling pump has been broken for a few weeks without me realizing. It will run for a couple seconds when first plugged in before stopping. I'm a dumbass and was just relying on speedfan for temps, which was usually reporting 60°C or so. I finally checked with hwinfo and every core is pinned from startup at 99°C with thermal throttling on. Which I guess explains why the PC has been so slow when ever there's any load on the cpu at all. (Sorry little buddy...) Anyway, I won't be able to get a new cooler for a few days. Would it be better to just run without any heatsink? Or maybe the pump is still sucking some heat away without the water actually being moved? Its probably lost a lot of life already running that hot for that long but it still seems to be running fine besides the throttling.
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